Main VIN Decode Screen

The program's main (and first) screen is illustrated below.
  • The Version number is at the top of this screen and most others in the program. (This screens was created with Version 1.16.0715 . Yours will probably be different.)
  • The button with the big green question mark brings up the help for the current screen. (view screen)
  • The Import button takes you to the import sequence.
  • The Review button brings up the Review screen. (view screen)
  • The Re-Decode, Re-Price button allows you to re-decode, re-price and re-value all of the applicable trucks.
  • The Settings etc button lets you set the decimal places, edit the depreciation and pricing tables, classify untyped trucks and batch price truck base prices. (view screen)
  • The Edit Selected Record button brings up a screen to edit and price the selected truck. (view screen)
  • The Reports button takes you to a screen to select and print lists of records. (view screen)
  • The Print Letters button takes you to a screen set up a mail merge operation. (view screen)
  • The Export Data button takes you to a screen to select and export records. Here is where you would "bridge" to your administrative software. (view screen)

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