VIN Decode Blank VIN Screen

In the dialog below:
  1. The first time you use this screen, you will want to choose a method for filling in blanks: Add the registration number, add the Unique ID, add a unique sequential number, or just type in manually, so long as you do not remove the hyphen.
  2. If you have done this before, you will first want to match up newly imported records with existing records. Click on a new record at the left and try to find a matching old record on the right. If you click on it, you will see a comparison of registration numbers and taxpayer names in the middle. When you have found a match, click on the Match button to copy the ID on the right over to your new record.
  3. When you have done this for as many records as you can, the remaining blanks are probably new and you will want to use one of the above methods for filling them in.

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